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Firstname Lastname Othernames Dates Source
JAMES PAYNE E. 1898 - 1908 B
WILLIAM PAYNE Maynard 1802 - 1888 MI, B
EDMUND PEARCE James Justin 1927 - 1957


Name are listed with the spelling exactly as we transcribed; some initials could be incorrect due to unclear signatures. Always check different spelling of a surname e.g. Eliot and Elliott.


These dates refer to the period the minister was active or from monumental inscriptions.


MI: Found on Monumental Inscription (see Tombstones database)
B: Found in Burials, usually as officiating minister (see Burials database to find location of church he was serving in)
S: Shilstone Notebooks in Barbados Museum Library. These Notebooks contain comprehensive details of ministers of the Church of England, with parishes and some family history detail.