Place and Date of Birth:

1851 May 27

Place and Date of Death:

1851 Oct 12


St. Paul
Barbados flag

Monumental Inscription

to the memory of
the beloved child of
who died Oct 12th 1851
aetat 4 mos 16 dys
Like a sweet breathing flower blown with the day
which we gazed on with tender delight
like a bright glowing planet whose silvery way
illumined the pale blue of night
but a blight was breath'd over the beautiful flower
its youth and its freshness soon fled
and the hopes we had cherished in one little hour lay withered and scentless and dead
but the star brightly beamed as if proudly to mark
where the spirit had taken its flight
transferred from a scene that was fleeting & dark
to a home everlasting and bright
Suffer the little children to come unto Me and
forbid them not for of such is the Kingdom of God
and He took them up in His arms put His hands
upon them and blessed them
Mark Ch 10. 14 & 16