Place and Date of Birth:

1780 Dec

Place and Date of Death:

1803 Sep 14


St. Michael
Barbados flag

Monumental Inscription

Here lie the remains of
Daughter of Lt. Coll IOHN MORRIS
late of the Provincials in
(where he bravely supported the Royal Cause
and was an active and faithful officer
during the whole of the Revoluntion
in that Covntry)
and SARAH his wife
descended of the
Noble House of MONTROSE
and wife of SAMUEL SANSUM
of the Kingdom of England
but late of the City of New-York
She departed this life
(In pure Christain faith and hope)
in the night
of the 14th of September 1803
aged 22 years & 9 months
Scarce had her noble, smiling gentle soul
of virutues great - the fairest - purest test
endured the various trials fated
to mortals in this transitory state
when summon'd at the age of twenty two
in mercy, by that Almighty power
to whom all Nature bows submission
she bade adieu to Blifs terrestial
translated from the converse and embrace
of Husband fond and Infants lovely twain
to joys celestral - blifsful - infinite
and far surpassing Mar's conception!
He lov'd thee living and laments thee dead
who pays this tribute to thy gentle shade