Place and Date of Birth:

1816 Jul 27

Place and Date of Death:

1816 Oct 12


St. Anthony
Montserrat flag

Monumental Inscription

This Monumenmtal Stone
erected by their affectionate parents
of this Island
but formerly of Guildford Place, London)
records the lamented death
of five of the dear children
whofe remains
lie buried here and on either fide
ALFRED died 12th Octr 1816 aged 11 weeks

EMMA RAINSFORD died 8th May 1821 aged 13 years

MARY JANE died 13th May 1821 aged 12 years

LOUISA MARY died 25th June 1821 aged 20 years

ANNA DURBAN died 13th Octr 1821 aged 9 months
The three elder to the unfpeakable affliction
of their fond parents
were carried off by a dreadful fever
that raged at the time in this Ifland
and which proved equally fatal
to many more of its Inhabitants